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Local Laptop Computer Repair Service Posted 04:19 PM September 10, 2012 

About Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair
Getting laptop, notebook, netbook and desktops fixed right the first time, offerings 100% guarantee! Developing loyal repeat customers. Qualified technical staff diagnose and repair all laptop models. Broken DC power jack, AC power adapters, laptop LCD display screens and power related problems. Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repairfix such problems all the time with a 100% guarantee! Free coupon offers are available.

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Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair

Computer Running Slow?
Speed up Your Computer
Why Do Errors Happen? There are actually a number of reasons why these annoying errors happen, but the most common are caused by new programs getting installed on top of older programs before the older versions are completely removed.

When you delete applications and files from your computer, unfortunately this junk can make your computer slow and sluggish. Worse yet, hidden traces (cookies) from your Internet browsing history can leave all kinds of junk gets left behind.

Some computer software can automatically keep your computer optimized and help you protect and secure your data. It is important to remove traces of Internet browsing history and repairs broken registry entries that plague your computer.

Is your computer acting weird lately? Perhaps it time to identify and remove broken and missing registry entries that can cause irritating performance problems.

When this happens it causes registry pile ups, displaying to yo…

Laptop DC Power Jack Issues

Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair
One wouldn’t think so, but a broken laptop DC Jack is actually quite common with laptop and notebook computers. If you experience problems with your laptop such as, it only runs when you hold the power cord in a certain position, only runs on battery, will not charge or suddenly shuts off.  Chances are the laptopDC power jack is broken. There are many ways for power jacks to break, perhaps someone tripped over the power cord causing the cord, wrong AC adapter was used, or the

AC adapter was not inserted properly. and causing it then break. Perhaps you move your laptop frequently while it is plugged in which can tug on the DC power jack and eventually break. Perhaps you dropped your laptop or just have one of the laptop brands that are prone to the DC jack breaking. Don’t worry, we specialize in fixing them.


Your laptop will only operate on battery power.
Your laptop only operates when you …

Your Computers Worst Enemy

Heat is one of the main reasons that cause laptopand desktop computers to spontaneously shut down. The first sign is when your computers start to run slower than normal. This problem is usually more noticeable with laptop and netbooks because you will be able to feel from the heat by touching the bottom of the machine. Most computers shut down when the temperature of the CPU is around 70C. Eventually things get worse, to the point where the computer won’t turn on due to component or power supply failure.

This happens when the cooling fans can’t effectively remove heat from the internal compartment. Many computers overheat because of their location. Your computer tower should be kept in a cool place with plenty of ventilation for the back of the computer so that the fans can continuously suck in cool air and push out the warm air. Yes, your computer may have a fan but it isn't very powerful. You must keep the exhaust vents free of dust and debris to help provide proper ventilatio…

What is a Defective DC power Jack?

Symptoms of a Bad DC Power Jack

Defective laptop DC power jack issues occur when the physical connection between the motherboard and the jack is compromised. It is this bad connection that prevents your laptop battery from charging and the “battery charge” light from coming on and eventually the laptop or notebook fails to turn on at all.

What are symptoms of a Bad DC Power Jack?

The laptop randomly shuts down without any warning.
The main power battery charge light flickers when you move the power cord. You have to hold he AC Adapter is a certain way for the laptop to turn on.
The battery won’t charge at all, therefore eventually is dead.
No lights come on.

Laptop Power Jack Issue Solution

If you are looking for a friendly and reliable power jack repair service, we at Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack provide customers with a fast and reliable DC Power Jack and LCD display screen replacement services. We repair laptop dc power jacks and bring them back much faster than most repai…

How to Choose a Laptop Computer

Choosing a Laptop Computer

When deciding upon which laptop is best for you, you need to determine the type of work you will most frequently use your computer to perform. If you plan to use your laptop to check email, browse the internet or listen to music, you don’t need anything too powerful. However, if you plan to travel with yourcomputer,store many files or documents and access information, you want a device with a long battery life, adequate hard-disk space, a memory-card reader, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.